Quark revamps logo, again


Quark revamps logo, again


About six months ago, Quark unveiled their new logo designed by SicolaMartin, a division of Young & Rubicam Brands. Almost immediately the design community and others posted on how similar it was to the Scottish Arts Coucil logo, among others.
Glen Turpin, the company's director of corporate communications, says that

"Quark listened to the feedback we received from the design community in relation to our re-branding initiative in September and decided to create a new logo that is both an evolution of our visual identity and a strong representation of the new Quark... Changing the mark to avoid any perception of similarity enables us to further define our unique identity."

Turpin goes on to say that they developed the new logo internally, along with help from outside consultants.


It's funny, but that new Quark logo looks an awful lot like the buttons for Macromedia programs in the doc on my Mac.

That's no logo. That's a green beveled dot with an ugly Q in it.

Even though there are literally hundreds of logos very similar to the 05 logo, it is a better mark. It is simple, clean, easy to brand, easy to recreate in a variety of media, translates to BW, yada. The 06 logo violates too many logo-sins to list. I'd love to see them fax this one.

Leave it to Quark to make what should be simple, overly complicated.


And yea, I agree with you on the fact that their first attempt was a much better logo...probably part of the reason there are so many that are so similar.

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