Quayleforcongress.com - Ben Quayle / Barack Obama worst President - (2010) :30

Dan Quale's son Ben Quayle is running for Congress. He doesn't pull punches as he opens with "Barack Obama is the worst president in history". Not just in United States history, but in history. So Ben thinks that Barack is worse than Idi Amin, François "Papa Doc" Duvalier, Robert Mugabe, and even George W Bush. Good to know.

Go on son, spell "potato".

Ben Quayle

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FYI "Quale" s/b "Quayle" but considering the subject matter the incorrect spelling is quite apropos

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Pretty classic timing for one of my infamous lost-a-letter typos.

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the delivery is so on point and the ad is so absurd it almost feels like an actor playing a conservative republican. hard to believe a real human being could stand behind this.

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It's his intonations that get me. He swallows that "in" so it sounds like: My Generation.... [space enough to make me think he forgot what he was gonna say....] ... will inherit a weakened..blabla" That part gets me. Re-take mate!