Queen vs Bauer & Borsato

A strange coincidence, a fluke or a case of getting a little too inspired? Either way this is an odd couple, Queen vs Dutch singers Bauer & Borsato. Hat tip for these twins goes to adgrunt JLB.

In this commercial for the Queens greatest hits album the bandmembers have totally taken over the shop.

In this ad, Marco Borsato is out shopping for music, and finds only Frans Bauers album available.

Borsato asks: "Do you have any other albums apart from Bauers?"
Bauer replies: "No, why?"

Super: Would you also rather have a choice?
VO: Come to BelCompany, all brands, all networks, all choices available.

Borsato turns on his new phone that plays a Bauer tune.

Client: BelCompany
Agency: Leads Communicatie
Creatives: Mike Weinberg, Peter van der Wijk