Realtor in Sweden uses creative approach to sell prefab homes

ROI real estate in Sigtuna, a ridiculously quaint town outside of Stockholm, have an interesting way of selling prefab homes. Their headline is: Broken dream for sale, only 5.5m SEK (ca 633,600 Euro or 857,100 USD). Broken dreams? Hmm... When you look at the opening photograph, a woman is holding a crying baby, while another, blonder, woman is driving off in a red ferrari and waving.
The realtor touches on the subject in the description:

For specific reasons, we've not been able to photograph the house before the sale. The lovely couple gave me however the possibility to choose some pictures from their private album.

Now if you look at the pictures a story of perfection between studly man and pretty blond ends with... What exactly? Is the pretty blond leaving, because she was a mistress and the wife is left in the driveway with the kid? Is it a lesbian couples broken dreams, as the blonder one was bi and a cheat too? Is that mom running away in a bright red Ferrari because she just can't deal with the boredom of everyday surburbia anymore? So many questions I didn't even notice that the house is a very standard Swedish bore. Everything is quite nice, just not very exciting or different. Unlike the ad.

My favorite pic is of the realtor eating Sigtuna's famous soft ice cream.