Red Tettemer + Partners makes Burger 21 a chain of burger cannibals

The campaign, What Burgers Would Eat if Burgers Could Eat Burgers™ (oh yes, they TM:ed that), features a number of irresistible burgers from Burger 21’s menu discussing how they want to eat each other. It's not as sexy as you'd think but food-cannibalism is always funny. At least they're just eating each other and not saying "I'd hit that".

Red Tettemer + Partners also designed and developed a social component to the campaign called, “Finish their thoughts, then finish 'em off,” which is a caption contest application that lives on the Brand’s Facebook page. Try to stay away from the easy sexual innuendo that "eat" can cause, like the stop staring at me like I'm a piece of meat ad for McD's back in the day. Or don't, as you know it's funny even though it's oh-so-wrong.

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