Refused anti-Foie gras ads - too shocking says railway company

Down in Belgium the animal rights activist group GAIA has gotten their anti-Foie gras campaign banned, sorta. The railway company where the ads were meant to run won't have them because they find the images "too shocking". More shocking than force feeding geese so that their livers will become grotesquely enlarged and make a nice snack? Apparently so, read more to see full images.

So, just how do you get a campaign banned? Add some S&M and stir, basically.

vrtnieuws quotes an NMBS (the railways) spokesperson, Leen Uyterhoeven who explains why the posters won't bee seen at the trainstations: 'We want strickt neutrality at our stations. We refuse all messages that have a political or philosophical angle. We have customers of all religions, life considerations etc and for this reason we don't want to support any position."

Credits: written by Tom Berth, art directed by Geert De Rocker. The creative directors were Katrien Bottez and Peter Ampe and the photographer was Kris Van Beek.

Campaign also spotted in the Standard and De Morgen.