Remember Google "coffee" ad? Well, the girlfriend responded.

So, I'm sure you all remember the cutesy little flirt from April where a guy attempts to re-gain the Lady that got away via google-doc proposal to have a cuppa joe? Yeah, he was an idiot. No, hang on, I'm sorry. It was a valiant effort.

But the lady replied, and she thought things might have worked a little better if he spent more time on her and less time on making google docs. Ouch.

This latter one is made by, Written by: Kristy Lopez-Bernal (UCB)
Directed by: Moujan Zolfaghari (The Onion News Network, UCB, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) and Chris Chuang (UCB, Cracked). Horse + Horse is a UCB Comedy production team based in New York City.

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