Remember the super bowl ads of yesteryear?

A quick dip into our 35-year strong Super Bowl Commercial Archive, a.k.a The Claymore Project to refresh your memories. What was the best ad of 1969? 1995? 1978? We asked a bunch of adgrunts to name ads they recalled off the top of their heads, and here's what we got.

Gillette - Techmatic adjustable

Noxzema - Farah Fawcett/Joe Namath

McDonald's - Big Mac - Two All Beef Patties...

Xerox - Monk

AMF - We Make Weekends

Coca Cola - Mean Joe Green

Gillette Foamy - Tests

Indiana Bell - The Kids are Fine

Toyota - Jewel Thief

1983, really awful year so here's the worst song we've ever heard, remember this? Go on, hum along! you get a whopper, large fries..

Apple - 1984

1985 Apple
, most hated metaphor by those who it mocked, makes for
the most memorable ad of the year.

1986, all the ads were rubbish really - so here's a very 80's style cars jumping
against sunset
style ad for the VW GTI.

1987 sedelmeir
subaru snow or no snow

1988 - the men that knew how to hang Bartles & Jaymes introduces their berry wine cooler, with fanfare.

1989 Volvo shows us that less, is more, in their old boxy way.

1990 - Remember when Paula Abdul wasn't off her head doing interviews as she almost wiggled out of her chair? She did this duet with Elton John back then.

1991 - Hey are those Bugle Boy ads annoying?

1992 - Cindy drank Pepsi for the first time.

1993 when John Cleese shilled Magnavox

1994 - Remember those ads where you opened a beer and it started snowing everywhere. Yeah. They sucked. But so did all of 1994.

1995 the year of fights and rants.

Pepsi - Security Camera

1997. Small insects and big transsexuals offended animal and human lovers alike.

FedEx - We Apologize

1999 - When I Grow Up

Apple - Hal

2000 - Yes, the year everyone spoke of the EDS herding cats commercial, but no amount of CGI beats the punk attitude of E*Trade wasting $2 Million on a dancing monkey.

Understated or overdone? VW in a tree or those dang squirrels
of Pamplona
? Take your pick.

2002 - when the legs got jiggy with it.

2003 - Most titillating pair which started a boob trend. I didn't think it was the best ad, but everyone talked about it.

2004 - Aliens, donkeys and little kids who cussed.
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2005 - cat-ricide, selfishness and robbery.
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2006 - Last year people talked about the stunts, the bizarre burger dance and the caveman.