Romanian creatives make an accept ring for Pride


On May 23rd 2016, the Coalition for Family gathered 3 million signatures to change the way “family” is defined in the Romanian Constitution. As a response to their action, young creatives in Romanian ad agencies gathered the signatures from the public open letter and, with the help of a typographer, they combined them into one signature, which was then turned into the ACCEPT ring. It's a symbol of love, respect and devotion between two people who plan on becoming a family and spend their lives together, whether they belong to the LGBT community or not.

It is important to stress for those who might be concerned about repercussions from singing the document or over privacy issues that no real signature can be found in this ring in total. In other words no one will be able to look up a person based on the signature.

The ring can be purchased for 45 euro, with ten percent of the price going to ACCEPT, which will use those proceeds to fight the initiative of changing the definition of "family" in the Romanian Constitution.

Client: ACCEPT
Agency/volunteeers: Art Directors Club of Romania, Marina Moldovan, Moogu,

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