The Royal Canadian Mint takes you to the heart of the Arctic.


It's the 100th anniversary of the first Canadian Arctic Expedition. To celebrate, The Royal Canadian Mint create commemorative coins, and an educational interactive campaign called Heart of the Arctic. or Au cœur de l’Arctique, for my Quebecois friends. The campaign is designed to get youngsters excited about the Arctic Expedition through game play. The game which can be downloaded for mobile or played on the Royal Canadian Mint's website. There are also some educational materials developed for schools, too.

Very fun.

It could just be my wifi though, but it seems very bandwidth heavy when I tried to play it.

Client: The Royal Canadian Mint: Patrick Hadsipantelis, Paul Boult, Susan Aubry, Sophie Capéraà, Jim Kohan
Agency: Cossette
Account Leader: Rachelle Claveau
Account Services: Éve-Marie Boutet, Olivier Charbonneau
Chief Creative Director: Antoine Bécotte
Creative Directors: Louis-Hugo Marchand, Cameron Wilson
Digital Art Director: Sébastien Guy
Ergonimics: François Lavigne
Art Directors: Alexandre Jutras, Étienne Turcotte, Capucine Labarthe
Copywriting: Thimalay Sukhaseum, David Purkis, Geneviève Cardinal
Strategy: Louis Vaillancourt
Digital production: Luc Normandin, Luc Mercier, Rébecca Rouleau
Electronic Production: Maryse Beauregard
Media: Laura Araujo, Adriana Novae, Kristi Cater
Production Houses: Jam3, Rodeo FC, la Majeure

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