Saddleback Leather shows pirates how to counterfeit their bag.


Love this. Dave Munson, CEO of Saddleback Leather, waves a giant conceptual middle finger at the people ripping off his bags, by showing them the best way to copy his bags using lesser grade materials. In the process, he positions Saddleback as being the premium bag, and the cheapo reproductions as being just that.

Even more than that, he paints an accurate portrait of those counterfeiters: smarmy, unethical, and employing child labor.

The video’s a touch long but there are some great snarky moments. As a money saving tip, at one point Munson asks some kids in Spanish “Who knows what a sewing machine is.” And then the rug pull: “Just kidding, it’s actually bring your kid to work day here.” But the point is made: his counterfeiters use child labor.

Throughout the piece you learn the painstaking ways their bags are made, and exactly how the counterfeit bags are made: with a lot of cheaper materials that rust, fade, crack, or wear off.

Toward the end he ramps it up a little bit too. "I really hope that with what I've showed you today, and all the short cuts and everything, that knocking off this bag will be easier than beating your wife and kids."

They'll fight over it when you're dead, unless it's a knock off.

Damn straight, Saddleback.

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