When disaster strikes, a lot of ad agencies jump on the bandwagon with t-shirts, cards and blood drives. Problem is, if you work for a giant agency it often takes time to either align your good intentions with an appropriate client or even get internal approval. Next thing you know, it's a month later and what have you done?

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy though, a few industry peeps got together and said 'eff this, we're not waiting,' And thus Sandvertising was born.

What is Sandvertising? It's an organization stated by five women who work in the ad industry. They have mobilized a collective of people working with various ad agencies, prod houses, and relief organizations to help in the restoration effort in the wake of Sandy. Hence the name Sandvertising.

It was started by Rasha Clark, Executive Producer at Goodpenny; Jenny Karakaya, Freelance Producer, Shirley Ramos, Director of Business Development at Pulse Music; Oritte Bendory, Director of Business Development at GARTNER; and Nancy Kagan, Executive Producer at Republic.

On the surface, it's a Facebook Page. Scratch the surface and it's a potential hub for likeminded creatives who want to help make a difference. They used all their connections to enlist people from BBDO, JWT, Razorfish and more.

So what are they doing exactly? Well, mostly visiting neighborhoods to assess the damage, collecting supplies, clothing, food, raising money, you know-- all the stuff you'd be doing if you weren't finessing that Hurricane Sandy Logo for that t-shirt three people will buy.

They plan to keep going through the winter, or as long as they are needed. And since the estimated cost of the total damage along the coast from Hurricane Sandy is 60 billion, this may become their new career.

Good luck, and godspeed, ladies. Y'all rock in my book.

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