The Saturday Evening post reprints Mad Men era ads from their magazine.

The Saturday Evening Post have dug up the Mad Men Era Ads that once ran in the post, as a reminder that they are America’s oldest magazine, and they are big fans of Mad Men on AMC. The ads are delightfully bold in color, graphic in their use of white space, and stereotypical with their gender norms, which is what the sixties suburbia was all about. A coffee that is "husband pleasing", a smoke that ain't too dry but just right? Thems were the days. It's quite fun to look through, so give it a whirl. And if you are a Mad Men fan here's a bonus, The Saturday evening Post interviews creator Matt Weiner too.

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    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    These are alright but none of them are considered "great".
    AD AGE has a slew of the top print ads for each year since WWII.
    I don't know why this site and supposed forum, and professional service permits "discussions", "pretend topical messaging", from people who are clueless or self promoting, or duplicating stuff redirected from sources directly available to industry professional groups.
    Nothing more than self promoters, retired print people or those pretending to know multi-platform publishing.
    Those of us making a living, looking for work, actual experts and those who this cheap reveal.

    Apr 08, 2013
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    Hi there, I removed that link you added which directed to an old-school link-list page, a.k.a SEO spamming.
    By the way, all links here are rel=Nofollow anyway so go spam someone else.

    Apr 08, 2013

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