Scribble - the world's first color picking pen.

Look out geeky designers, art directors and gadget freaks in general, the scribble pen is almost here! What if you could tap an item, anything at all to pick its color, just like you do in photoshop, and then start to draw on your tablet or mobile with that exact color.

People who have a great eye for exact colours now have sudden competition from people who may buy a scribble pen to do the same thing. Even better, apart from the scribble stylus for your devices, there's an actual Scribble ink pen too. The device works by using a color sensor and microprocessor to detect colors and mix the required ink for drawing. Finally you can get the exact color of hair when doing a portrait. Or sample that wallpaper color you like and make sure it goes with the pillows you saw in another store. Blooming hell, I am full of want.

“For the color blind, kids, interior decorators, homeowners, teachers, artists, photographers, designers and students, the Scribble color picker pen will make copying an exact color, any color from any object, an absolute breeze.,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “With Scribble you can scan, match or compare colors, draw on paper or your mobile device. We know people are going to love it.”

Mark Barker and Robert Hoffman created the scribble en and are now running a kickstarter to fund the idea, the world's first color picking pen. Yes, I think we can say "the world's first" this time. It may not be a jetpack or flying car, but it's the future.

Inside the pen there's a ARM 9 processor, designed for microcontroller, DSP and Java applications. An app that comes with the pen can save your swatches, and translates the colors picked the RGB, CMYK, Hex code values. The development roadmap aims to integrate the pen with programs such as photoshop (are you listening Adobe? This is a dream!). For the ink pen, there's a system to change one color at a time when you run out of ink, which is another step up when you can't even do that on most printers!

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