#Sharefordogs - the adorable clip that turns slactivism into money


#Sharefordogs - the adorable clip that turns slactivism into money


Aaaaaaw! Puppies! Oh yes, Pedigree has found your soft spot, dear slactivists, and have unleashed #Sharefordogs, a posse of cute puppies, on the world in order to actually make money for dogs. How so? Well, they know you by now, they know you'll share the puppy-clip with all your friends and family, and all you ever do is click "share", "like" and make "aaaw" faces at your screen. So they've turned this into their advantage:

‘Share for Dogs’ leverages YouTube’s revenue model whereby a portion of the profit generated from the pre-roll advertising on each video is shared with the owner of the video. All the revenue ‘Share for Dogs’ generates goes to the PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive. This new revenue-raising mechanic is a concept that we’re calling Sharity.

Sharity! Ha! I see what you did there guys. One might say this goes against youtube adsense program policies, you know the whole "don't be encouraging clicks" thing, but heeeeey it's adorable puppies not PETA ads on adland so I'm sure they'll be just fine. (We've discovered that Google bans and un-bans people like us, while leaving others alone in an arbitrary fashion - so you know, don't rely on them for the moolah, is our point. They'd rather keep it for themselves, obviously. )

Neville Doyle, Senior Digital & Social Strategist at Colenso BBDO, explained why they felt this to be such a ripe area for the PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive.
"At its heart is a very simple but powerful idea. We hope that both the quality of the content and the fact that it effects real world good for real dogs will help us spread this video around the world. If it proves as successful as we hope, the idea of Sharity may provide a new template for how charities can look to raise both awareness and funds at the same time". 

Leonid Sudakov, Chief Marketing Officer Global Petcare at MARS Inc. commented, “Share for Dogs delivers to the core of what we’re about – making the world a better place for all dogs, and to help dogs in need all over the world. The clever use of this digital medium also speaks to our ambition as a company to continue producing world-class, digital work that is truly effective and has the ability to reach as many people as possible."

Of course it will. They're puppies! Puppies dressed as lions! Puppies playing in the grass! Puppies! Ah yes, today is a good day to be a slactivist.

Just one thing.... can we do this with kittens next? Kittens in tutus.

Puppy clip archived here for future ad-archaeologists.


Actually, google policy forbids encouraging clicks on ads. No where do they ask anyone to click on ads, just to watch the video and share it. So all above board!

I'm saying Google are unreliable, not that your idea is flawed.

Also, I'm reading the puppies as "compensation". Quote Google:

In order to ensure a good experience for users and advertisers, publishers participating in the AdSense program may not:

Compensate users for viewing ads or performing searches, or promise compensation to a third party for such behavior.

Absolutely! Just wanted to add that we've checked we're not contravening any rules as they are currently worded!

Neither did we, but they banned us anyway, because they can interpret the rules as they see fit. (( --- oh lookie, the point.

Well, anyway it's suuuuuper cute. Next :KITTENS IN TUTUS PLZ! ;P

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