Shell Is Prepared - promises not to Sue the Yes Men & Greenpeace for "lets go" Artic fail campaign

We've already asked Does Greenpeace use social media better than Shell? and the answer is yes judging by how many people I've seen talking about the "Lets go" campaign and the "Shell is prepared" twitter account today.

The Yes Men have waved their magic wand, creating a remarkably accurate looking website called pretending it's from Shell Oil, and now they've upped the ante with @ShellisPrepared from "Shell Media Team". oh haha. Our favorite tweets from Shell Is Prepared (because people are truly suckered into believing this is real)

The clever thing is that this account is reaching out and sending @-replies to anyone who tweets images from the artic ready social gallery, adding another layer of believability to the first hoax. People do think SHELL PR is this daft, and why not? We remember that BP was, and we have seen crowd-sourced ad campaigns from HUMMERs to hummus fail miserably for similar reasons. It's entirely plausible that Shell would do something like this. But to be sure, Greenpeace have released a statement claiming responsibility for the campaign, and their collaboration with The Yes Men also brought on the funny failed PR launch viral film known as #Shellfail. Shell has promised not to sue over this campaign though the only source I can find for this is HuffPo so only time will tell.

Shell Fail - Private Artic Launch party goes wrong

As far as spoof twitter account goes, nothing quite tops the BP Cares one, and I'm sure The Yes Men took note of how great that was before launching their idea.