- pretty photo prints raise money for Sherpas

Senior editor of Outside magazine Grayson Wyatt is, like so many others, very concerned about the Sherpas after the death of so many on everest, and wants to help. Together with OutsideMagazine and @NatGeo he's helped launch, donating the money raised from photography sales to benefit the Sherpas via the non-profit Khumbu Climbing Center.

"Today, I got to meet with with Kaji Sherpa, who was working for Adventure Consultants when the avalanche hit. He's still in the ICU, here, but on the mend. Like a lot of the men who were killed and injured by the #Everest avalanche last week, he supported his entire family by climbing. He had no formal training. His younger brother is a migrant worker in Dubai. The Sherpa story is complicated. The climbing industry has been simultaneously uplifting for many and destructive for an unlucky few. Ten of us who have worked with the Sherpa people wanted to do more than just send out good will. So we've come up with the photo gallery at $100 gets you a gorgeous print from @argonautphoto (who's been up for three days straight along with @conradanker making this thing happen) @andy_bardon, @coryrichards, @pedromcbride, @coryrichards @jimmy_chin, @terukuwayama, @maxwellsilver, @gordonwiltsie, @tommyhendricks, @andy_bardon, @renan_ozturk, Robb Kendrick or James Balog."

So there you have it, beautiful photo prints for you, and money for the Sherpas. What are you waiting for? Do something good while getting something good.

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