Simian Helps Creative Companies Fire Up Their Sales Efforts with “Interactive Heatmaps”


Visual analytic tool allows companies to track what parts of sales videos are viewed most often.

Laguna Niguel—Simian, the global leader in creative workflow and media management solutions has developed a new tool that helps creative companies accurately pinpoint which parts of their sales presentations are garnering the most attention.

Interactive Heatmaps is a visual analytic tool that tracks, in detail, how each video is viewed. In addition to tracking if an individual video has been viewed, Interactive Heatmaps also highlights which parts of it have been viewed and how often. The data appears in a color-coded display and if one scene has been viewed more often than others, that usage is instantly indicated by a more intense color.

“If you want to make your sales presentations as effective as possible and learn as much as you can about what interests your contacts, Interactive Heatmaps is a must-have,” says Simian co-founder Jay Brooks.

“If a sales rep determines that an agency has viewed a particular scene multiple times, that can help him or her know how and when to make a follow up call,” adds Simian co-founder Brian Atton. “Interactive Heatmaps allow you to gauge viewer behavior and level of interest at a glance. Sales people can use that information to fine tune sales presentations for maximum impact and market talent more intelligently.”

Simian has consistently led the way with the development of analytic tools that help creative companies better target their marketing efforts. Features like email tracking keeps clients informed as to which emails were opened, viewed and forwarded.

“We are changing the way creative companies generate sales and marketing,” says Brooks. “Simian speeds the sales process by enabling sales reps to determine what is working and what’s not, what spots are hot and whom to call next, at a glance.”

A demo of Interactive Heatmaps is available here.

About Simian:
Simian™ takes the business of managing digital media to the next level with an innovative workflow and ideation platform designed by industry leaders for industry leaders. Simian’s streamlined, yet highly flexible platform has set the industry standard for online media sharing and workflow solutions for creative companies.
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