Smirnoff purifies the sea with CGI


Smirnoff purifies the sea with CGI


Seeded online as a teaser first, Smirnoff's latest ad is set to break on TV and in cinemas, starting with the Bourne Ultimatum on August 3.

Created by JWT London, "Sea" links the ocean's purifying process to the effort that goes into creating Smirnoff.

The spot was shot in New Zealand and Pinewood Studios in Elstree by Daniel Kleinman with special effects by Framestore CFC.

In addition to the TV/cinema spot, AKQA created an online game as part of the campaign at called "The Smirnoff Purifier, where players fire objects at a target.

Click on the image below to see the spot.


Not that I've heard about so far.

The special effect are cool and all.. But I wanted the whole thing to start when he threw a Smirnoff bottle in there. He's just throwing some random can in the water (..and it makes no sense that a fisherman would do such a stupid thing!)

This film is just so cool.

And here's some additional credits:
Client: Smirnoff
Creative agency: JWT London
Media agency: Carat
Director: Daniel Kleinman
Production Company: Rattling Stick
Editor: Steve Gandolphi at Cut & Run
Post-production: Framestore
Music: Peter Raeburn at Soundtree
Sound: Wave

The only one of those credits not listed in the film post is the media agency (Carat). Am I missing something?

Ahhh... I didn't click on the film , I just read the story.
Me bad.

*tickles kgeiger*

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