The Snuggle Struggle - a badland counterstrike

Back in 1999, Unilever had a big ol' hissy fit over a couple of now legendary 3DO Battletanx commercials that used a parody version of their effeminate and fey Snuggle dryer sheet bear. Seeing 3DO's Treddy Bear as a ripoff, they summoned the federal courts and poof! The spots were gone.

Click here for the 1999 story and links to the classic commercials...

Well, it's time for Unilever to look in the mirror, for one of their latest Snuggle spots blatantly rips off the concept behind a beloved spot for Cadbury Creme Eggs.

This is the Cadbury spot that's been airing during the easter season for the last few years.

Cadbury - Easter Bunny Tryouts

And this is the Snuggle spot.

Snuggle - Audition

Hmm... Silly me. One's a "tryout," and the other's an "audition." How could I have ever confused the two!?