Stop griping about the airport and fix it yourself.

If you are tired of the logistical nightmare known as an airport, at least one city is trying to do something about it, and that is Munich. And they want your help. Innovation Pilot is a crowdsourcing effort that launched in June, asking passengers and visitors alike to submit some suggestions to improve the experience. Now until the end of October you can answer their second question 'Who likes waiting...?" which is designed to get people brainstorming ways to improve the experience waiting at security checkpoints, the gates and baggage pick-up. Curious to see what kind of results this will bring. I hope some good ideas will get implemented. Cool idea coming straight from the airport.

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    München is one of my favourite airports (I will always have a soft spot for Zürich), it's one of the very few that doesn't need much improvement. Perhaps a speed-walkway, and shorter lines at connecting passport control, but otherwise there's free coffee machines (if you fly Lufthansa) and newspapers and plenty of seating at each gate. Shopping isn't crowded either. Love that airport.

    Compare to Charles de Gaulle Airport, what a nightmare, or the insanely poorly laid out Copenhagen Airport. Sure it looks like a wing from above but it crowds people into ever smaller pens because of that wing-shape, and makes traffic stumble. Airport is about flow. Gosh I wish I was an architect.

    Oct 06, 2016

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