Straight to the moon, Alice, straight to the moon.


Often when you see Badlanders in adland you just have to laugh at the synchronicity of it all. Maybe contemplate the jungian subconcious for a while. Revel in the irony that two brands trying so hard to be different are doing the exact same thing. Sometimes you do all of the above - wanna see Adidas, Nike and Royal Sundaram duke it out?

Alice.. Why I oughta..... We'll start off with the big names in sports gear - Nike vs Adidas, hat tip to Ad arena for this pair.

Adidas, with their "impossible is nothing" shoot for the moon with the ads:

But lookie here - Nike (who's ad agency w+k are the former employer of the 180 founders, remember?) did the same thing! Ain't that a hoot and a half?

Anantha, our Indian pal hanging out on adlist supplied the cherry on top: "There have been others who've done this idea before. An insurance giant named Royal Sundaram did this same idea in India around 2001. " Correct, Ogilvy did the Royal Sundaram many moons ago, making them the "original" in this little mashup. :) (unless someone digs up an earlier example, of course)

Ad scans via AgencyFaqs.

Just for good measure, they covered all sorts of celestial bodies, sun moon and some other phenomena like rainbows. Cute!

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    Oh great, now we're gonna hafta Badland some of the Badland posts! How meta!

    Sep 06, 2006

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