Sturegallerian's father's day ad asks mothers to "Please, please him" in sexy lingerie

Two complaints. Two. That's how many complaints "Advertising ombudsman" Elisabeth Trotzig has received about this ad so far. The Fathers Day ad for the high end exclusive mall Sturegallerian in the center of Stockholm used a classic trick to shake up the category of fathers day ads. Instead of targeting the family with pictures of nice ties, cufflinks and other items that may be a good gift for dad, it targeted mom directly suggesting she buy something nice for dads eyes only. Suggesting ladies underwear instead of mens socks is a nice idea-change when directly competing against other fathers day ads in the daily papers, the line however is terrible.

It got attention though, Sturegallerian's Instagram Gallery has several snapshots of the ad and of the newspaper articles about the upset this ad generated. It has appeared in Metro, on State television SVT and all over social media. Women's bodies are seen as a commodity reads a column in Nyheter24, despite the lack of body in the highly criticised ad. Most of the reactions seem to be from people who are severely offended by the ad, and not seeing the funny in the twist at all. "This is so distasteful and poorly managed. Sturegallerian running a promotion for Father's Day where children are encouraged to buy sexy lingerie to please Dad." says Jimmy Asklund on Instagram. Sturegallerian decided to immediately pull the ads from the mall, and any future print publications. Maria Hjälmestål the marketing coordinator for Sturegallerian says that they regret the ad and find it "unfortunate that some people are offended by the ad".