Suckers come to Bacardi.

Bacardi is seeding a new viral ad which seems to follow somebodies unwritten rule that virals need to have sophomoric crude and often sexist humor in it in order to spread. These are the virals we usually don't pass around because there's a limited pool of people we can share that with. Do you remember what you were showing your friends last week? Yeah that apple mini iPod ad wasn't it? Not a titty in sight. Worked quite well anyway.

Spoiler alert, the punchline for the Bacardi ad is a woman has four breasts and meets her perfect man, with four hands.. ha. ha.. ha.. No that's not funny, and I really tried to smile at it, but it just wasn't clever.

You can view the ads on Bacardis microsite (not which is for sale in case anyone feels like pulling a prank), the two ads are called "Come" and "Suckers" and you'll have to click and guess your way through a very unfortunate interface designed as a party crowd shot before you can find the actual films. My advice is, don't bother.

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