Svenska Spels JätteTriss oversized billboard a flop.


Svenska Spels JätteTriss oversized billboard a flop.


The agency who does Svenska Spels Trisslotto outdoor campaign has bet on using irregular types of posters to get attention. That doesn't always work though - last one I saw was a plastic one, shaped as if it was "swelling" placed on the outside of regular backlit busposters. However, there was an old poster underneath it so when it lit up at night you could not read it. I missed photographing that one, but I found this one yesterday. Looks like it's ten minutes away from blowing off and causing havoc as it flip-flopped in Malmö's notorious winds. Moral of the story, when doing something unusual, make sure it works. (closeup inside)

Bad puns for Swedes: sen kan man ju klaga på att själva kampanjen är jättetrist också, hehe.


Didn't think long enough. Like the emergency exit FAIL.
see more pwn and owned pictures

Hahaha. I like that.

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