"Swedens new media elite"

Ah, how nice it is to be elite something or other as ekonominyheterna.se just named yours truly one of Swedens "new media elite". In all the exitment they slipped on the keyboard and gave me two T's instead of P's - Åsk Wättling instead of Wäppling. An honest mistake, it could happen to anyone after too many GT's, I mean those letters are practically right next to each other on a qwerty keyboard... or maybe not. ;) Still, all press is good, as long as they spell your name right. Ha!

A commenter waving a red pen has alerted them to their mistake so they've managed at least to change the headline name spelling in their list article on the new media elite. We'll glue this to our press clippings scrap book anyway. :)

Update: I asked the magazine to run a correction in the next issue - by emailing them this photo and saying "if you don't run a correction next month, I'll burn this magazine"
(ooooOoh, what a threat aye?)

Sadly, I don't think they got the joke - the National Lampoon reference.