Sweden's State Television SVT decide to only buy music from private corp that rights-grab musicians work

SVT and Chanel 4 in Sweden have signed deals with Epidemic sound, where your rights as a musician are gone forever (googletranslate), if you sign with them. Yep, you can sell your music to them for X bucks, but you have to give up all rights to the music when doing so.

This isn't just bad for musicians, as SVT and tv4 have signed deals forcing productions to use this needle-drop music, they are also limiting the palette of the program creators, this is translated from Gradvall's krönika.

It is therefore remarkable that the Swedish TV channels, including SVT and TV4, signed the agreement which robs filmmakers the creative freedom to choose all the music for his TV series.

Lars Lindstrom in Expressen wrote last week chronicled in which he paid tribute to the music of TV4 series "Everything falls" with Jonas Gardell and John Rheborg, a large part of the atmosphere of "Everything Falls" comes from the music, director Henry Schyffert use Sagor & Swing Håkan Hellström, seventies prog.

"Everything falls" was recorded before TV4 signed a contract stating that all music excluding 4 minutes per commercial hour will come from the company Epidemic Sound. If "Everything Falls" filmed today had it not been done in the same way

"As a director I am deprived of a tool," says Henry Schyffert. "The television program can I choose an actor, photographer, lighting designer, set designer, fonts. But now I am deprived of the opportunity to choose for themselves without any restrictions, Music, one of the most effective tools available to tell you. "

Meanwhile, Sweden had three people winning Oscars last night and all were sound-related wins. There was even the sixth tie in Oscar-movie history, where Best sound editing for Skyfall, by Per Hallberg and Karen Baker Landers, shared with best sound for Zero Dark Thirty by Paul N.J. Ottosson. The best documentary feature by Malik Bendjelloul's 'Searching for Sugar Man' was all about music, so the irony is not lost on me when he decided to thank ..... SVT (Sweden's Television). Irony.

You may google translate a few more posts on this, "Tvingar SVT oss at gå ur STIM?" (Is SVT forcing us to leave STIM?).

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