Talk to the plant or the plant dies.


To support MythBusters: The Explosive Exhibition, Carmichael Lynch and The Denver Museum Of Nature and Science created Talk To A Plant.

Using tweet to speech technology you can send a tweet which will then be read to a plant. To prove that talking to them helps them grow stronger. For the 'control,' group, a plant will sit in silence.

Nice opportunity to take a high school science project and make it all digital. Although as any scientist will tell you, doing a study like this with two plants ultimately means nothing as seed quality, light similarity and air quality are just as big a factor. But you know, it's a cool idea anyway.

Not sure how many butts in seats the idea will get, so to speak. Sure people will talk about it on twitter and talk to the plants, but once you've talked to the plant, and look at it online, is there any reason to go there?

As an aside, it's already been scientifically proven that plants respond negatively and positively to music. There was a study done in 1973 using music to prove the same thing. The study concluded classical music works well, while plants detest rock music. When it came to country music they were noncommittal, but jazz was really their bag, man. That's because plants are all hep cats. Previous studies were conducted in India in 1962 as well as a whole host of other places.

I wonder if the same could be applied to words. The press release for this campaign said "Tweet about whatever you'd like: Obamacare, Tropical Storm Karen, the government shutdown, giant Asian hornets." I'd be willing to bet if you talked to a plant about Obamacare for twelve hours you'd be able to watch its leaves dry up and fall off in real time.

Okay I'm done nerding out now. Thanks.

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