Talk Talk VS. Macif




Talk Talk VS. Macif

The orginial Talk Talk ads by agency Clemmow Hornby Inge

Shapes see it here

And French ads for Insurance group Macif

Car insurance
Health insurance

The ressemblance is uncanny...



Goodby Silverstein ripped off the exact same idea for bananrepublic last year, setting it to a remake of TFF's "Mad World."

Yeah this "birdseye choreography into stuff" thing has been a huge trend 05/06 - add this turkish bank ad to the suspects and we can cook us a Badland stew.

And look at Akbank (Turkiye) ads by Publicis on the same concept

Yeah, that's the ad I linked in my comment above yours. (you can do html yaknow). I'll bold it.

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