Tango Balls... (No, it's not the Bravia spot. Look closer...)


Tango Balls... (No, it's not the Bravia spot. Look closer...)


Brilliant spoof of Sony Bravia spot. Done by the guys over at Clemmow Hornby Inge.

Tango Balls Homage


Actually better than the overrated, zero conccept Bravia spot.

It seems as if we should all prepare ourselves for an entire series of Sony Bravia homages. Already on May 4th, the Swedish advertising tabloid Resum

Lets not forget the Battlefield2 trailer homage to bravia valls - which made me laugh myself off my chair. That was brilliant too! I mean, someone had to scrape together that many players to make it work, that's directing mate! hahaha.

Wait, what does it say about an ad when the spoofs are better?

Wow, guys, the Swansea North Residents Association website is gonna have a major bandwidth bill to deal with after this has gone all viral.....

But yeah, agreeing with everyone above, this rocked. I felt sorry for that poor frog though, nearly died by orangeicide.

Gawd, I'm an idiot. I fell for the fake site. Swansea North Residents Association is of course fake and all part of the campaign since it's owned by CHI advertising. Rdoh! Blame it in a busy day.

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