Tattoo you - real ink tatADS have arrived.


Tattoo you - real ink tatADS have arrived.


Look, when Pigeon-Holed was published back in 98 and we suggested that the New-Age creative favorite medium was "one that has never been used such as tattooing", we weren't saying that you should do that. MM'Kay?

But it was bound to happen wasn't it? After that wacky guy said sponsor my melon, headvertising, pregvertising, and even assvertising arrived on the scene.

Now there is tatAD, a "media company" where you can list your name, limbs available for tattooing and price. It brags to be "The only place in the world to get a tattoo & get paid for it!" At the launch party, someone even tattoed tatADs logo and URL onto their upper arm. Real ink, not that temporary kind seen on boxers in the ring, or the joke in that old commercial.


is the kind of person willing to have my logo tattooed permanently on their body also the kind of person I'd want to be walking around with my logo tattooed permanently on their body?

anyways harley davidson has been getting this kind of treatment for years, for free.

Those headverts have the dumbest looking photograph in ananova quirkies news.

Not enough to let her keep her job. She was let go a few months later and is now freelancing (I don't know if she still frelances.. But she was adlist when this whole thing happened and left the list when she quit w+k)

W+K? I guess that's one way to get the bosses to notice you.

So has apple as you can see. ;)

Oh and a few years back there was a girl who worked at w+k who tattooed w+k on her leg.

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