Thanks for the laughs, Cliff Freeman & Partners R.I.P.

Looks like the rumours are true, Cliff Freeman and partners is no more.

Adweek reports

The mystery surrounding the ongoing status of Cliff Freeman and Partners deepened as sources said CFP staffers in New York have been packing up boxes and selling equipment and chief financial officer Gail Hoffman Frusciante is leaving the shop today. She did not return calls. The 22-year-old agency's namesake founder did not respond to Adweek inquiries.

Cliff Freeman brought us many great laughs in 30-second spots, and used to be a safe bet on Superbowl for delivering a fun ad. What a sad way to go, with a whimper. :(

Not strangers to a bang though, their client Quizno's with the rats in the subs* was one of those campaigns that was either loved or hated. Mainly hated. But Cliff Freeman's attempt to save Quizno's with the Baby Bob was another polarizing character (actually, she was baby babette) (* I should point out that the spongemonkeys are not made by Cliff Freeman, but it is a campaign from one of their biggest clients. Some turd keeps trying to comment about this in the rudest way possible so this clarification is for that dimwitted retard alone.)

But let's not forget, that Cliff Freeman also gave us Where's the Beef way back in 1984.

Wendy's - Where's the Beef x2 - Supervisor & Question - (1984) :60 (USA)

Update : B|Net has some screendumps of strange ongoings on various social media accounts belonging to Cliff people, like the breif moment of claytoncliffCEO account and former creative director Lee Seidenberg started an ad school - $350 for 10 Lessons