Tobacco Body: 358 Helsinki.

If you're still smoking in 2012 you are most likely believe you're hopelessly addicted, or you're a teenager trying it out for the first time.

To convince the latter to throw the smokes away, Finnish agency 358 Helsinki teamed up with
Cancer society of Finland to get rid of the 1980's health posters and outdated materials and give the dangers of smoking a badly needed digital update.

Introducing: Tobacco Body.

Teachers can now show how tobacco wreaks havoc on the body on an Ipad. And hopefully it'll freak the hell out of students when they see all the harm cigarettes do to their bodies in ways they probably didn't know.

It's cool that kids can now see a modernized version of what happens to all parts without looking at black and white images of kids who were listening to 22-Pistepirkko when they were a new band.

Not that there's anything wrong with 22-Pistepirkko. I like them. Honest!

Anyway, if you're looking to quit,, or are just scientifically curious, you can visit Tobacco Body here and see for yourself. I tried it out and while it isn't news to me, it's certainly thorough.

Nice idea.

Agency: 358 Helsinki
Advertiser: Finnish cancer organisation
Brand: Finnish cancer organisation
Creative Director: Erkki Izarra
Art Directors: Maria Friedman, Ville Kovanen
Copywriters: Valtteri Väkevä, Jonathan Mander, Anna Lundqvist
Graphic Designer: Pol Sosona
Producers: Krista Durchman, Peggy Petrell
Photographer: Kimmo Syväri
Production company: !noob

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