Top ten reasons we hate using stock - #134


Top ten reasons we hate using stock - #134


Ever get those briefs where it reads "must use stock"? Course you have, and you probably hate it as much as most. Not only do you have to use stock, you have to use X-brand stock that the agency has a "good deal" with - and not simply some really nice stock places that you know about...... Well, that's when stuff like this happens.

Girl goes back to school, with a brand new Gateway and a brand new Dell!
Yep, see it in action here and before they notice....

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Hmm...looks like the art buyer should've bought photo exclusivity rights...but then again, the girl lost her necklace in the second shot!

Dell seems to have removed there copy. Gateway is now holding strong as they are the only one of her.

I can see the Sun article headline now: "Twin girls reunited by duel computer company Ad's: I never knew I had a sister until she appeared on the dell site. Its like a dream come true!"

Or whatever.

Bwahahaha, you should write Harlequin books set in modern net-times... Or sumthin'. ;)

These things would happen less often if "must use stock" had "exclusive rights" in the budget and if agencies could stop insisting that "stock" = only Brand X and Y. There are plenty of great stock collections out there beyond Tony Stone and pals - Luckypics and Veer for instance. But every time I want to use them some AE or art buyer craps themselves as they "made a great deal with Stone" or whatever "saving so much money", which is promptly farted away in fuckups like these where they have to buy another image and re-do everything.



where is luckypics? Googling brings me nothing.

First place to look should be in the adlinks - under photography and stock. It's spelled pix, my bad.

I should have known. That's a great place, thanks.

Top eleven reasons...
She have surfaced again, this time in an article on the best party university in the States. Oops! (Check out at CNN:


Ha! That girl sure gets around....... ;))

Researcher took screendumps of the stock photo girl and collected them all here.

Yikes... are you gonna bend off all of my bandwidth?!!!!

*laughing... a bit nervous* :)

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