Topshop gets caught ripping Against Me! and The Vandals logos.

Normally it's Urban Outfitters or H&M who rip creators off. Now it's Topshop. Stereogum reports that the fashion retailer was selling a $700 leather jacket with The Vandals and Against Me! logos emblazoned all over. Problem is, Against me! founder, songwriter and singer Laura Jane Grace owns the trademark.

Topshop responded pretty quickly.

Note that while they've removed it from the website they are in the process of withdrawing it from stores. Which makes me think there's still time to buy one and rip off the artist. Because it's not like Topshop's gonna fork the money over are they? Not without a lawsuit, I wouldn't imagine.

I guess we can't expect much from Topshop. Their clothes look like knock offs. Shouldn't be any surprise they'd knock off musicians, too.

As for The Vandals they aren't happy about it either. Although judging by their comment to a fan, they are reacting with the proper attitude.

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