"The toughest job in the world" - the job interviews, twice in Badland


So it's time to Badland "the worst job in the world", the idea where one wastes job seekers time just to talk to them about an unpaid position as "director of operations" where you have to be on call twenty four hours a day, where there's no sick leave, no vacation etc. Now, Our friend Joelapompe already Badlanded it so lets just recap.

I didn't much care for the Mullen "ad", and I use that term very loosely because the connection to the sender was tenuous at best, for the "Toughest job in the world" as it was four minutes long and the "twist" seemed obvious to me. There's no denying that it was a viral success though. But remember kids, mom want's you to draw a card not buy a card. When you're grown you buy mom wine, chocolates, luxury spa trips and orchids.

However, another agency did this a year ago, for Mampositiva.com & Mothers day which is a less tenuous connection to the twist. The ad itself is a lot shorter too, as the prospective candidates pack up their briefcases and leave at the mention of "unpaid". Wise people.

Lets compare, shall we?

Mamapostiva.com by Grupo Gallegos, for California Milk Processor Board on Mother's day 2013. ECD: Juan Oubina ACD: Jonatan Maldonado Copywriter: Graham Davis, Directed by Alfredo De Villa.

vs Cardstore, by Mullen 2014.

Both of these supposed tearjerkers get one detail wrong too. Being a mom isn't a job. It's a responsibility.

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