Toyota vs Volkswagen


Toyota vs Volkswagen


The same idea sells two different cars on two sides of the pond. Watch American Toyota versus British Volkswagen. Adgrunt Kgeiger spotted these, where both cars are so inexpensive the owners think they got a great deal through a mistake. The question is who is the cheap one?

Toyota - "The purse"

This ad appeared in 2002 back in the USA.

Volkswagen - "Jogging Husband"

This ad however, we don«t have an air date for so any clues from the audience will be much appreciated.


The Volkswagen spot "Jogger" first appeared in the UK on May 19th, 2003.
If the US date is right, then VW is the badland-award winner.

*slaps forehead* Oh yeah you even told me that and I forgot.
What should the Badland award look like? Perhaps a crunched up empty toilet paper roll bronzed or silver.. I mean, the award needs the usual metal triplet colors I think as some Badlanders are badder than others. ....Like the blatant copy of a world
famous classic
gets some sort of Gold, and the complete brain sync selling gun classes to women gets some sort of Art Directional Gold as well? ;)

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