Trivia-chain game - win a 20-pack of JewelBoxings.

Another chance to show off your adgrunt skills, impress everyone with your ad trivia and win a 20-pack of Jewelboxings!

Ask a question about advertising that contains the answer to the previous question. Simple as that.

One Jewelboxing 20pack of Kings to the winnah!

We'll start the thread with two entries as an example. Have at it!

Ready? Lets go - Here's how to do this:

Actor Eddie Jemison's character pretended to be Dr. Galazkiewicz to get a limo full of beer in the famous Bud Light campaign. What brand did an FBI agent use to derisively nickname Jemison's Livingston Dell character in the 2001 remake of Ocean's 11?

chain ->

Fox football analyst Howie Long is the face of RadioShack. What brand
of truck did Howie sign on to endorse in June, 2004?

chain ->

Your turn! Go Go Go!

(we've played this game before - see trivia chain #1, #2 and #3.)