True Fruits Smoothies won't apologize for "ugly girl friend" black bottle smoothie

True Fruits Smoothies in Germany has released a fruit juice mix in a black bottle where there's a point to the oblique design. The smoothie looks unappetizing, but is tasty. So the text on the bottle actually compares this conundrum to an ugly girl who is pretty on the inside, as the old saying goes.

"Limited No 6 - Black Edition. Have you ever helped an ugly female friend -- who's a really nice person on the inside -- get a date? That's how we are feeling with our smoothie here which might be the tastiest we have ever made but who doesn't get the love it deserves because of his looks. We saw no other solution but to turn off the lights so you can fully embrace his inner values."

Needless to say, some people didn't find this funny at all and the comments underneath the photo of the new drink got a little heated. True Fruit smoothies then addressed this in a new facebook post:

...yesterday we received some criticism concerning our bottles text on the Black Edition. Some users accused us of sexism or lookism.

They go on to say that their fans like them, even if we as people don't always share the same sense of humor or opinion. They stress that "your opinion is as valid as ours" and end with "We love our sense of humor and won't be banned. And that's a good thing, because we live happily in a society that allows us all." they also note that "no one is forced to buy our products or visit our platforms in social media".

A surprising tactic at this time, have we sauntered past the days of immediate apologies? Perhaps we finally have reached peak outrage and brands have finally remembered to zig when others zag. True Fruits Smoothies stand out not only with an oblique bottle but also their non-apologetic take-it-or-leave-it attitude that goes with it. How refreshing.