Trump wants to trademark "you're fired".


Trump wants to trademark "you're fired".


Wigged out news of the week - Donald Trump wants to trademark the phrase "You're Fired".
No seriously. If you don't believe me check out the The Smoking Gun who has posted the papers filed at The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

That's right, if The Donald gets the nod from The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, he'll be able to exclusively slap the words "You're Fired" on clothing and "games and playthings," and use it in connection with "casino services." Along with peddling overpriced apartments, Trump runs some spectacularly underperforming Atlantic City gambling joints. Trump's two trademark applications, which you'll find below, were made after the January 8 debut of "The Apprentice," the NBC hit that has thrust Trump (and the alleged billionaire's swirling hairdo) back onto the front pages.

update: Robblink just posted the Trump Verizon ad where you can hear his: "You are fired you minutehoarding clockwatcher." and be hypnotized by his teeth


I have to confess...I'm addicted to that show! At first I was a skeptic, but after watching one episode, I became hooked! The Donald is even making money on and advertising:

The paperwork is online at

Hey, if can trademark :-( then the Donald can do this.

...or was it copyright the word he wanted to do? Naah, can't be....In any case, that was a no go since it was such a commonly used/generic English word - much like I think the expression "You're fired" is.
I can understand getting a registered mark like's symbol/logo :-( in that specific font, thats sorta what the Registered R is for: "A word, phrase, slogan, design or symbol used to identify goods and distinguish them from competitive products."...
I do link to and quote that smokinggun page in the post....(??)

*shaking head*

If The Donald does get this through The US Patent and Trademark Office, I wonder what the new common phrase will be for companies firing people. Or will they have to pay a fee if they utter the words by mistake? ;-)

Get with the times

1980 - "You're fired"
1985 - "You're laid off"
1990 - "You're downsized"
1992 - "You're rightsized"
2000 - "You're happysized"
2005 - "You're orgasmsized"

I can't wait until 2005.

Trump hosted Saturday Night Live last night... A rather painful epsidode to watch, quite frankly. At least he had a little fun at the expense of his coiffure...

But still, the guy doesn't really belong on TV as an actor... Which is why the reality thing works in his favor... It's reality, not acting.

Whats worse is... Swedens TV-cannels are interested in buying "The Apprentice", channel 5 and TV4 are currently bidding. On the other hand, both those channels are reality TV all the way , channel 5 more so, and pretty much suck bigtime already...

Richard Branson is doing the same as Captain Combover and starring in his own reality show - "Branson

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