Tumblr Twofer Tuesday

First up is The Creative Confessional. It's already blowing up the internet. Most likely because it is a tired and true Post Secret rip-off. Also there are already a few repeats. And the creative entries are already trying to one up themselves in goofiness. For every one that could be true, like "I flew to New York to oversee a voiceover session that could have been handled from my car on the way to work." We also have ones like "While we were having sex, the only thing I was thinking about was which modernist, condensed, serif typeface I should use for his wedding announcements." har har har.

I'm predicting this will jump the shark by Friday.

The second is Agency Wank, a nifty site that takes quotes from actual sites to showcase their wankiness.

I wish they were all hyperlinked so I could find out who wrote "Meet our senior people. All of whom report to the big boss named Idea." Either way, while you're looking for ways to procrastinate have a laugh and submit your own. But dudes, seriously, can you start making them hi-res? It ain't that hard.

Agency Wank hat tip courtesy of Chris Quigley, via Rubber Republic. Thanks, Chris!

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