Turning trackback off now.

I don't know what we did to deserve this sort of attention but bastard spammers (may their balls rot off) have spent countless hours poking at and spamming this site these past few weeks. Mainly trackback spam, they have some sort of script going on so that 600-700 trackbacks are sent from different ip# to different pages and they hope that some stick.

Well none of them stick, but this whole waste of space has peeved me to the point of removing trackbacks (for the moment). I'd like to thank chaos scenario, random culture and marketingfacts for reinstalling my faith in humanity by doing real trackbacks in the midst of all that spam.

So, from his moment forward, pingbacks are all that will be in effect. This means that if you link to a page, you get a link on that page. You can't trackback.

"det var skoj så länge det varade, sa bacillen i såret"