Twins to a tee - golf game on the run. (update!)

Adgrunt HaHaSoup - creator of one of these ads said: "Go ahead, Badland it, why not, even if it isn't completely bad, it's fun in their similarity."

Perhaps not identical twins these two have many similar traits, which is quite funny.

First up, directed by Thor (Icelandic fella) represented by Stink, this Dutch advert for UPC cable internet show a crazy golfer hitting it all the way home.

(as per usual around here hit the "play" button to play the film).

Later, since the UPC ad actually aired in May this year, this ad has recently hit the airwaves for Vodafone in the UK, another golfer hits it all the way home!

I like the detail of both "sandbunkers". Proof yet again that the collective subconcious has a way of bubbling up twin ads from time to time? I guess so. :)

Update: This Tiger Woods Amex ad from 2002 fits in the mix, although I'm lost in how Amex lets me play golf in a city... (Did he BUY it?) Makes more sense for vodafone, or UPC (that the dad golfs home to).