UNICEF - Getting to zero #GetToZero (2015) 5:47 (UK)

The World Health Organization now estimates 8.5 million children and youth under 20 years old live in Ebola-affected areas. Of them, 2.5 million are under the age of five. Children are not only facing the risk of being infected by the virus but are also being significantly affected in many other ways. This is the story of one such child. A young girl whose entire life is changed by the virus, but she rises like a phoenix to dedicate her life to Unicef and informing others. It's a very poignantly told story, where the viewer gets to be inside of the young girls eyes. It paints a clear picture of the impact this global pandemic has had on millions of Africans, and the everyday heroes that Unicef volunteers are. Be a hero. Help Guinea and Sierra Leone #GetToZero.


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