Union Bank 30 seconds of fame


So B-Reel and agency Eleven Inc is giving Union Bank fans a shot at thirty seconds of fame.

30 seconds? What happend to fifteen minutes? Sheesh.

The idea is, Because Union Bank allows customers to customize their plans, they might as well go ahead and customize the TV spot, too. Supposedly it's the first of its kind, with the interactivity and the chance to create over 40,000 different commercials.

The permutation is perhaps the first of its kind, but the create-your-own portion isn't. The create your own Dark Knight Rises effort is the latest that comes to mind.

The idea is tried and true, I suppose. Especially for Batman. Because Comic Book geeks are passionate about Batman. They love their Batman, have their own opinions on the irection of the character (and even who played the best batman) and they all have their own take on it.

But a bank? Really? I can't even tell you the last time I was in a bank.

Client: UnionBank, N.A.
Campaign: Commercial By Design
Location: San Francisco
Chief Creative Officer: Mike McKay
Creative Director: Rob Price
Copywriter: Aryan Aminzadeh
Art Director: Eugene Kam
Head of Integrated Production: Anastacia Maggioncalda
Director of Digital: Daniel Murphy
Senior Digital Producer: Michael Huntley
Broadcast Producer: Lindsey Wood
Digital Producer: Chris Caceres
Digital Producer: Jeff Macke
Senior Print Production Manager: Pauline Aguilar
Production House: B-Reel
Director: Roderick Fenske
Executive Producer Susan Rued Anderson
Head of Production: James Okumura
Producer: Richard Berman
DP: Darran Tiernan
Production Designer: Dylan Kahn
Music: Jeremy Simon
Editor: Kevin Anderson/Cosmo Street LA

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