The US Navy launches cryptology game Project Architeuthis

Do you like Cryptology? Can you break some code? Well, the NAVY is looking for you. They've created a new game on Facebook called Project Architeuthis.

The 18-day game is a fictitious U.S. Navy top-secret weapons system project. It's also a recruitment tool, and way to increase their presence on social media. The game is simple and also complex. You have to track down a mysterious enemy who has stolen the plans for a top-secret weapon and is traveling back to their secret island lair to build their own.

Can the Navy cryptologists saves the world?

Good question. Either way, I hope the Navy realized the irony of putting a cryptology game on Facebook, itself no stranger to data mining.

This fun bit of sleuthing/recruitment tool was created by Lowe Campbell Ewald.

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