Vanish Vanquishes The Internet.


Digital shop Holler Sydney has created a sort of crowd sourced set of videos, to prove no matter what the internet throws at you, Vanish can get it out.

In other words, they've made a product demo and put it on youtube.

Except Facebook fans get to choose what stains go on the shirts. The first choice was beets

What will the next stain choices be? How about something from 2 girls 1 cup!

What? Too much?

Creative Director: Richard Morgan
Copywriter: John Gault
Art Director: Ben Heath
Designer: Thomas Fitzpatrick
Account Director: Lucy Ahearne
Client: Jennifer Osborne, Alessia Taddei, Dhati Subramanyam
Production Company: Cutting Edge
Director: Zenon Kohler
Producer: Samara Jones

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