Varvatos Fall campaign featuring Paul Weller.

It happens. Mods and Rockers need to cash in. As we've pointed out here, the well is running dry thanks to online piracy. Rock n' roll don't pay the bills any more.

So it only makes sense that Jam/Style Council all around awesome Mod revivalist frontman Paul Weller would want to get his dandy on for John Varvatos. Plus it keeps him in fun clothes. And the man does look good in clothes.

This spot features Weller alongside his um, heir to the throne, Miles Kane. In it, they mess around with fun findings from a pawn shop, dressed in John Varvatos' upcoming fall collection. The collection is pretty sweet by the way.

In case you've been stuck in Skrillex land, or haven't been paying attention to late 2000's super groups, or like good music, Miles Kane is in The Last Shadow Puppets.

John Varvatos - Paul Weller / Manhattan Fall

The spot was shot in Manhattan. It's trying hard to be Very Iconic. You can tell it's iconic because it's black and white. That's always a dead giveaway.

Problem is, if you swapped out the Varvatos brand for or Dr. Martens, or Nike or adidas, it would be the exact same deal.

It all adds up to a bunch of blokes lending their image to sell trainers or ascots.

Look. Aging rocker dudes need to stay relevant. I get it. I don't begrudge them. I get a secret kick out of it, in fact. And believe me, as a music nerd, I like to support my local rock star as much as the next guy.

But it helps to have a concept beyond "do something cool," to differentiate your brands.