Vasakronan copies Fat Boy Slim

OOOh, will you look at that, someone has a serious case of demo-love it seems. or do you really think that the team behind the dancing actor Michael Persbrant for Vasakronan never saw Christopher Walken strut his stuff in Fat Boy Slims video weapon of choice?

more inside. You knew that.

Researcher thought the Vasakronan ad was great, because you so seldom see big bombastic ads in Sweden.

But it wasn't long before a commenter named Martin muttered "so frickin' stolen from Fat Boy Slims video". Aye.

After watching both, I have to agree - this seems more than just a little inspired. Got the famous male actor/bad boy? Check. Got him dancing? Check. In an empty office building at night? Check. Got him flying around at the end? Check.

Lets see now, what's missing? Oh yeah, dancing talent in Persbrants/Vasakronan's case. At least Christopher can move!

See and judge for yourself. Go here to Resumes filmrum to watch the Persbrant/Vasakronan dance.

Hit play to watch the weapon of choice in crappy seventh-hundred generation fuzzy youtube-version here. Sorry, was the best I could do.

Update Saturday 9th december From Resume advertising magazine comes this quote (see bottom of article): The Concept and feeling is a lot like Spike Jonze awarded video Weapon Of choice with a dancing Christopher Walken.
- "Yes, we've been inspired by that, We saw it this summer together and it has the same feeling that we want to portray", says Bengt Möller Information Director at Vasakronan

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