Veet - Dude / Taxi - (2014) :15 (USA)

Another one for the Veet "Don't Risk Dudeness" campaign, this time they say wave goodbye to prickly underarms because they somehow don't think the ad itself was cringe-inducing enough so they had to add puns to the title. So yeaaah, where do we begin? Oh I know, lets start at the product. Have you ever tried waxing your underarms yourself? Yeah? How did it go? That bad, aye? Yeah, that's why you find women in the salon or armed with razors, Veet. Try tackling that issue to sell more product. Lets not forget, as this ad so conveniently has, that in order to have hair for waxing you have to go without shaving for at least a week, possibly two.

Advertising Agency: Havas Worldwide, USA
Veet: Don't risk dudeness, Taxi

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